The Cochno Stone Project (West Dunbartonshire, Scotland) The Cochno Stone project, led by Ferdinand Saumarez Smith, is a collaboration between Factum Foundation, the University of Glasgow Archaeology Department, Richard Salmon Restoration Inc. and Elemental Films. The aim of the project is to excavate, 3D scan, safely rebury and produce a replica of the Cochno Stone: […]

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016 , von Freeman um 08:00 Nach Rückfrage beim CERN in Genf über ein Opferritual auf ihrem Gelände, das per Video aufgezeichnet wurde, hat die Administration geantwortet, sie werden eine interne Untersuchung einleiten. Auf dem Video sieht man wie mehrere in schwarzen Kutten gekleidete Personen im Innenhof des CERN vor einer grossen […]

from: This pic is making the rounds in „western“ media together with a tearful story from „activists“ in a neighborhood in al-Qaeda occupied east-Aleppo. bigger A boy, seemingly wounded, sits quietly in a brand new, very well equipped ambulance. At a point he touches what looks like a wound on his left temple. He […]

Featured image credit: AMC WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THESE IMAGES DISTRESSING In this time where information is readily available 24/7/365, images of war and suffering can begin to blur into one. We become desensitised to the pain of others. We’re all guilty of it in one form or another. However, this following video and […]

By Jenny G. Zhang March 30, 2014 An image of Iran that many people around the world are familiar with is the view of Iran as a troubled nation plagued by an oppressive government, ultra-conservative ideologies, brutal executions, public demonstrations, rumors of nuclear weaponry, and women who are forced to wear head coverings such as […]

These hilarious perfectly timed photos of cats prove that it’s definitely worth it to follow our feline friends around with cameras 24/7. Since these divas love the attention anyway, why not take some good photos in the process? If any cat owners have any great perfectly timed cat photos, we’d love to see them added […]

By Sara Barnes August 10, 2016 The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) was launched into space in 2005, and since that time, it’s rotated around the red planet, snapping photos of all that it sees. This spacecraft transmits images back to Earth every month, but the most recent batch—1,035 pictures total—is especially meaningful: the geometry of […]

LEBEN MIT EINEM PASSIV-AGGRESSIVEN PARTNER I 27. Januar 2015 · von Almut Bacmeister-Boukherbata · in Paarberatung Es fordert unendlich viel Geduld und bringt noch mehr Enttäuschungen mit sich Passive Aggression beim Partner ist schwer auszuhalten. Als betroffene Partnerin, denn meist sind es Männer, die passiv-aggressiv sind, fühlt man sich häufig allein gelassen. Man sucht im Internet, […]


  Wochentag aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wochentagsheptagramm mit den entsprechen astronomischen Symbolen; Im Uhrzeigersinn, oben startend: So, Fr, Mi, Mo, Sa, Do, Di Als Wochentag bezeichnet man einen Tag der Woche in wiederkehrender Benennung: Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag bzw. Sonnabend Sonntag italienische Armreife mit Darstellung der Wochentage durch dieolympischen Götter: Diana als […]


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