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Der große Verlust

Wie die politische Korrektheit meine Arbeit als freie Schriftstellerin einschränkt. Von Tina Uebel 13. Juni 2018, 16:37 Uhr Editiert am 17. Juni 2018, 17:07 Uhr DIE ZEIT Nr. 25/2018, 14. Juni 2018 AUS DERZEIT NR. 25/2018 Die Schriftstellerin Tina Uebel lebt in Hamburg-St. Pauli, wenn sie nicht gerade auf Reisen ist.© Anna Weise/akg-images Ich bin, und zwar […]

Over The Next Year, Germany Will Hit A Scary Demographic Milestone

by Tyler Durden Thu, 01/18/2018 – 04:15 In Europe, the economy is humming along at its fastest pace in 10 years. According to the European Central Bank, the most recent forecast for the eurozone pegs growth at 2.3% for the year ahead, a significant upgrade from the central bank’s previous estimate of 1.8%. But as […]

Photos Taken 100 Years Ago Capture Rare Look at Paris in Color

Over 100 years ago, a French banker named Albert Kahn undertook a massive photography project that became known as The Archives of the Planet. Sending photographers to every continent, Kahn aimed to collect colour snapshots from all corners of the Earth using a brand new technology known as the Autochrome Lumiere. Over 72,000 colour images were taken […]

Amazing Winners of the 2016 Siena International Photo Awards

With entries by photographers from over 100 countries in 11 categories, the jury of the second Siena International Photo Awards had their hands full to select the winning images. The winners were revealed at a ceremony held in Siena, Italy on October 29 and the victors will have their images displayed through November 30 in […]

„Gefährlichster Zeitpunkt der Menschheitsgeschichte“

Zu seinem 75. Geburtstag warnt Stephen Hawking vor sozialer Ungleichheit und fordert die Eliten zu mehr Demut auf. Von Stephen Hawking | 06.01.2017 Picture Alliance Sir Stephen Hawking: „Wenn wir uns die letzte Chance bewahren wollen, bleibt den führenden Entscheidungsträgern dieser Welt nichts anderes übrig, als anzuerkennen, dass sie versagt und die Mehrheit der Menschen […]

Pale Blue Dot

Original Pale Blue Dot transcript: The spacecraft was a long way from home. I thought it would be a good idea, just after Saturn, to have them take one last glance homeward. From Saturn, the Earth would appear too small for Voyager to make out any detail. Our planet would be just a point of […]

Insightful Photos of 1960s Afghanistan Reveal What Life Was Like Before the Taliban

By Anna Gragert January 20, 2016 When asked to visualize modern-day Afghanistan, images of a war-torn nation under the control of the Taliban often comes to mind. However, there was once a time when this country exuded peace and good fortune. University professor Dr. Bill Podlich captured this phase in history when he travelled to […]

This Image Of A Little Wounded Syrian Boy Needs To Be Seen By The World

Featured image credit: AMC WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THESE IMAGES DISTRESSING In this time where information is readily available 24/7/365, images of war and suffering can begin to blur into one. We become desensitised to the pain of others. We’re all guilty of it in one form or another. However, this following video and […]

Expressive Photos Reveal a Rare, Alternative View of Iran

By Jenny G. Zhang March 30, 2014 An image of Iran that many people around the world are familiar with is the view of Iran as a troubled nation plagued by an oppressive government, ultra-conservative ideologies, brutal executions, public demonstrations, rumors of nuclear weaponry, and women who are forced to wear head coverings such as […]


LEBEN MIT EINEM PASSIV-AGGRESSIVEN PARTNER I 27. Januar 2015 · von Almut Bacmeister-Boukherbata · in Paarberatung Es fordert unendlich viel Geduld und bringt noch mehr Enttäuschungen mit sich Passive Aggression beim Partner ist schwer auszuhalten. Als betroffene Partnerin, denn meist sind es Männer, die passiv-aggressiv sind, fühlt man sich häufig allein gelassen. Man sucht im Internet, […]