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Qi Gong Master Demonstrates “Chi” In RARE Footage – THIS Is The SHOCKING Power We ALL Posses!

 Qigong practices can be classified as martial, medical, or spiritual. All styles have three things in common: they all involve a posture, (whether moving or stationary), breathing techniques, and mental focus. Some practices increase the Qi; others circulate it, use it to cleanse and heal the body, store it, or emit Qi to help heal […]

What Scientists Just Found Deep In The Ocean Is Seriously Unbelievable. I’m Still In Shock!

Off the coast of Egypt divers have discovered something that was thought to be lost a long time ago. It was said that the ancient city of Heracleion was lost under the sea for good. Well 1200 years later, off the bay of Aboukir, this ancient city has finally been discovered. The city dates back to the […]

Mysterious, Abandoned Indonesian Church Shaped like a Giant Chicken

By Jenny G. Zhang July 22, 2015 Deep in the dense forests of Central Java, towering above the surrounding trees, lies an abandoned, crumbling church in the shape of a giant chicken with its beak open mid-squawk. Called Gereja Ayam („Chicken Church“) by locals, this bizarre building attracts hundreds of travelers and photographers to the […]

The Cochno Stone

The Cochno Stone Project (West Dunbartonshire, Scotland) The Cochno Stone project, led by Ferdinand Saumarez Smith, is a collaboration between Factum Foundation, the University of Glasgow Archaeology Department, Richard Salmon Restoration Inc. and Elemental Films. The aim of the project is to excavate, 3D scan, safely rebury and produce a replica of the Cochno Stone: […]

Was soll das Menschenopfer-Ritual am CERN?

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016 , von Freeman um 08:00 Nach Rückfrage beim CERN in Genf über ein Opferritual auf ihrem Gelände, das per Video aufgezeichnet wurde, hat die Administration geantwortet, sie werden eine interne Untersuchung einleiten. Auf dem Video sieht man wie mehrere in schwarzen Kutten gekleidete Personen im Innenhof des CERN vor einer grossen […]

NASA Releases Over 1,000 New Images of Mars‘ Incredibly Diverse Surface

By Sara Barnes August 10, 2016 The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) was launched into space in 2005, and since that time, it’s rotated around the red planet, snapping photos of all that it sees. This spacecraft transmits images back to Earth every month, but the most recent batch—1,035 pictures total—is especially meaningful: the geometry of […]

Researchers discover a 2 billion year old Nuclear Reactor in Africa

In 1972, a worker at a nuclear fuel processing plant noticed something suspicious in a routine analysis of uranium obtained from a normal mineral source from Africa. As is the case with all natural uranium, the material under study contained three isotopos- ie three forms with different atomic masses: uranium 238, the most abundant variety; […]

New LIDAR Scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex Proves Dr. Sam Osmanagich Right — and Proves Dr. Robert Schoch, Zahi Hawass, Archaeology Magazine, and Wikipedia Wrong

In March 2015, a LIDAR satellite scan was made of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in the Visoko, Bosnia area. LIDAR (“light-radar”) scans provide a detailed topographical picture of the area scanned. The first LIDAR scan image of the Visoko area, finally available as of July 6, 2016, shows clear evidence of gargantuan ancient […]

The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

There are mysteries that are so eerie and strange that they boggle the mind for days on end. The case of Elisa Lam is one of them. In February 2013, this 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Department of Coroner […]

Außerirdische oder die Antwort nach dem Sinn des Lebens

Bitte die ganze Seite vom Anfang zu lesen um zu verstehen wer oder was wir sind. http://oriano-lichtmeditation.de/ Meditation ins Licht Entdecke Dein Lichtwesen Erkenne Dich selbst – Erkenne wer Du bist   Ein Auszug: Außerirdische: Eine Begegnung: Es gibt sie wirklich! Ich selbst habe auf meinen außerkörperlichen Reisen viele gesehen und war auch schon auf […]