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The Blaze – Territory

Text We’ve waited for this day We shared some tears of love now Like a desert in the rain When the sun of the day went down There’s nobody like my mom There’s no place like my home since I was born When I was young The flavor is so strong I’ve missed it so […]

Der große Verlust

Wie die politische Korrektheit meine Arbeit als freie Schriftstellerin einschränkt. Von Tina Uebel 13. Juni 2018, 16:37 Uhr Editiert am 17. Juni 2018, 17:07 Uhr DIE ZEIT Nr. 25/2018, 14. Juni 2018 AUS DERZEIT NR. 25/2018 Die Schriftstellerin Tina Uebel lebt in Hamburg-St. Pauli, wenn sie nicht gerade auf Reisen ist.© Anna Weise/akg-images Ich bin, und zwar […]

Survival of the Richest

The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind douglas rushkoff Illustrations: Matt Huynh Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. It was by far the largest fee I had ever been offered for a talk — about […]

BoJack Horseman gets his redeeming moment in TV’s best episode of 2017

And so does his mother By Julia Alexander  Dec 31, 2017, 12:32pm EST Polygon is kicking off its best of entertainment series, which will run through the end of December and beginning of January, coming to a close just before the 2017 Golden Globes. These personal essays will examine the best, most important and weirdest moments that […]

Japan’s Lonely Single Men Are Settling For Virtual Reality „Wives Of The Future“

by Tyler Durden Sep 22, 2017 10:40 PM In a country where over 70% of unmarried men between 18 and 34, and 60% of women, have no relationship with a member of the opposite sex, and where birthrates are among the lowest in the world after Japanese women gave birth to fewer than one million […]

BoJack Horseman has given TV the most honest, brutal and necessary episode about depression

I’ve been waiting for something like this for years by Julia Alexander  Sep 9, 2017, 1:19pm EDT Netflix The sixth episode of BoJack Horseman’s fourth season opens with BoJack thinking, “piece of shit. Stupid piece of shit. You’re a stupid piece of shit.” [Warning: The following contains spoilers for the sixth episode of BoJack Horseman.] Before the theme song gets […]

Hochstapler-Syndrom bei Hochbegabten und Vielbegabten. Fühlst du dich auch als Blender?

  Fast alle Menschen freuen sich über berufliche Erfolge und Aufstiege – vor allem dann, wenn sie hart dafür gearbeitet haben. Bei vielen Hochbegabten oder vielbegabten Multitalenten überwiegt allerdings oft das Gefühl, den Erfolg nicht verdient zu haben. Sie leiden unter Selbstzweifeln und kommen sich geradezu wie Betrüger vor. Dieses Phänomen ist als Hochstapler-Syndrom bekannt […]

Work in progress: Portraits of Imaginary People

Jun 6, 2017 For a while now I’ve been experimenting with ways to use generative neural nets to make portraits. Early experiments were based on deepdream-like approaches using backprop to the image but lately I’ve focused on GANs. As always resolution and fine detail is really difficult to achieve. For starters the receptive field of […]

The future of jobs: The onrushing wave

Previous technological innovation has always delivered more long-run employment, not less. But things can change IN 1930, when the world was “suffering…from a bad attack of economic pessimism”, John Maynard Keynes wrote a broadly optimistic essay, “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”. It imagined a middle way between revolution and stagnation that would leave the said […]

More Stunning Photos of Jupiter Released by NASA

Lately, thanks to missions by NASA, we’ve been getting more and more insights into outer space. From close up images Saturn’s rings, brought to us by the Cassini spacecraft, to the discovery of the new Trappist-1 planets, it’s an exciting time for astronomers and space travel enthusiasts. And now, NASA’s JunoCam is sending back even more […]