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Das große Geheimnis der rumänischen Bucegi-Berge

von:    http://zeit-zum-aufwachen.blogspot.co.at/2017/04/das-groe-geheimnis-der-rumanischen.html?m=1 Samstag, 29. April 2017 „Wenn irgendeine Geschichte imstande ist, die Menschheit aus ihrer versklavten Vergangenheit zu befreien, dann ist es jene von dem rätselhaften Raumkomplex und des Tunnelsystems, das im Innern der Bucegi-Berge gefunden wurde. Die sehr spärlichen, aber atemberaubenden Informationen, die dazu bisher an die Öffentlichkeit durchgesickert sind, werden die aktuell […]

Remains Of A 200,000 Year Old Ancient Anunnaki Civilization Found In Africa No One Speaks Of…

The incredible discovery was made in South Africa, around 150 km west of port Maputo. There, we find the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, according to tests, around 1500 square kilometers. This ancient city is, according to researchers, part of an even larger community with about 10,000 square kilometers and is believed to […]

He Was Hunting A Tiger When He Found This Strange Cave, And You Won’t Believe What’s Inside…

In April of 1819, British officer John Smith was pursuing a tiger through the jungle outside of Mumbai when he stumbled upon a strange cave entrance hidden in the brush. Something seemed oddly deliberate about the cave entrance and so he decided to abandon his hunt to investigate further. He soon discovered what appeared to […]

Scientists Speechless At What They Find Beneath Egypt! One Of The Most Controversial Mysteries Ever–Solved!

For many generations, it has been questioned and debated. Many long hours and much time has been spent pouring over the evidence, yet with no clear answers and no hard proof. However, today, more evidence keeps piling up that proves the ancients did have technology far beyond what we can even begin to imagine. Brien […]

12,000 Year Old Massive Underground Tunnels Are Real And Stretch From Scotland To Turkey

Across the Europe there are thousands of underground tunnels from the north in Scotland leading all the way down to the Mediterranean. This 12,000-year-old massive underground network is very impressive. Some experts believe the network was a way of protecting man from predators while others suggest the idea that the linked tunnels were used like […]

Scientists Discovered A Shocking Secret Underneath The Easter Island Heads. Unbelievable!

The enduring image most of us have of the mysterious heads on Easter Island, are simply the huge heads, so it comes as quite a shock that looking at them from another angle, reveals that they have full bodies that extend many feet into the ground. The tallest of the 887 Moai is more than […]

40 Jahre Entebbe – der Terror ist näher denn je

13. Juli 2016 Am 4.Juli jährte sich die spektakuläre Geiselbefreiung auf dem Flughafen von Entebbe/Uganda zum vierzigsten Mal. Aus diesem Anlass besuchte Israels Premier Benjamin Netanjahu den Ort des damaligen Terrordramas. Für den israelischen Regierungschef besteht überdies eine ganz persönliche Verbindung zu den damaligen Ereignissen. Sein Bruder Yonatan Netanjahu, Einsatzleiter der Spezialeinheit „Sayeret Matkal“, kam […]

What Scientists Just Found Deep In The Ocean Is Seriously Unbelievable. I’m Still In Shock!

Off the coast of Egypt divers have discovered something that was thought to be lost a long time ago. It was said that the ancient city of Heracleion was lost under the sea for good. Well 1200 years later, off the bay of Aboukir, this ancient city has finally been discovered. The city dates back to the […]

The Cochno Stone

The Cochno Stone Project (West Dunbartonshire, Scotland) The Cochno Stone project, led by Ferdinand Saumarez Smith, is a collaboration between Factum Foundation, the University of Glasgow Archaeology Department, Richard Salmon Restoration Inc. and Elemental Films. The aim of the project is to excavate, 3D scan, safely rebury and produce a replica of the Cochno Stone: […]

WOCHENTAGE – BEDEUTUNG – SCHABBAT – Sonntag / Samstag / Freitag – Kiriaki, Woskresenje, Niedziela

  Wochentag aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wochentagsheptagramm mit den entsprechen astronomischen Symbolen; Im Uhrzeigersinn, oben startend: So, Fr, Mi, Mo, Sa, Do, Di Als Wochentag bezeichnet man einen Tag der Woche in wiederkehrender Benennung: Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag bzw. Sonnabend Sonntag italienische Armreife mit Darstellung der Wochentage durch dieolympischen Götter: Diana als […]