More Stunning Photos of Jupiter Released by NASA

images of jupiter from junocam

Lately, thanks to missions by NASA, we’ve been getting more and more insights into outer space. From close up images Saturn’s rings, brought to us by the Cassini spacecraft, to the discovery of the new Trappist-1 planets, it’s an exciting time for astronomers and space travel enthusiasts. And now, NASA’s JunoCam is sending back even more pictures of our solar system’s largest planet—Jupiter.

As part of NASA’s engagement with the public, it’s periodically releasing photographs taken during the Juno probe’s orbits around Jupiter. All photos are downloadable for professional and amateur astronomers to post-process, resulting in some incredible work. People are even encouraged to vote for their favorite photos and help decide what to photograph next.

With Juno’s next orbit set for May 19, 2017, we can’t wait to see what new images will be appearing shortly.

Take a look at some recent photos of Jupiter and learn more about the Juno spacecraft with our comprehensive guide.

images of jupiter from junocam

images of jupiter from junocam

images of jupiter from junocam

images of jupiter from junocam

images of jupiter from junocam

Juno Probe: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
h/t: [IFL Science]



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