Why do I care about privacy if I don’t have anything to hide?

If you wear clothes, use passwords, close doors, use envelopes, or sometimes speak softly, then you do have something to hide; you’re just having trouble understanding that you already do care about privacy. Here are some references to help you understand why everyone, especially honest hard-working people, needs privacy.

Regardless of your choice of VPN provider, it’s important to stay safe on the internet. A VPN is not the only way you can keep your privacy in check. However, if a VPN interests you, you can see choices, pros and cons, and more at this handy website. A few other things:

Firstly, consider donating to the EFF or ACLU ( Charity nav links for EFF and ACLU )

Secondly, Take some time to read privacytools.io – A lot of good information there about privacy in our digital age as well as links to reputable VPNs, search engines, and softwares that all take your privacy seriously.

Lastly, because this always comes up, here is an excerpt from the /r/privacy FAQ


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