The Star Wars Prequels as a Prophetic New World Order Analogy. (self.FanTheories)

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This should be a good place to share this. If you’re not up for a stretchy read right now you may want to come back later. But I’m going to outline what I see in Star Wars in a simplified way for the sake of speculation at least. Some of you may say I should take this lunacy to /r/conspiracy, but I don’t want to, I think it’s good for thinking theoretically over here. If you think it’s on point at all, look into it & see what you can see. If not, it should still be interesting to ride with me for a few minutes.

First off, I’ll point out that George Lucas was raised Methodist, & is a student of various ancient mythologies & philosophies. He has described his beliefs as „Buddhist Methodist“, so these themes I’ll be discussing are not unfamiliar to him at all. I’ll be going over what is quite possibly symbolism abundant in the Star Wars prequels, which George Lucas stated he made to show the transformation of a Republic to a dictatorship to an Empire. It’s easy to see the parallels there to a plan of global domination in this world, whether you’ve ever believed in such things or not.

Basically, for the sake of this exercise, we will assume that Palpatine/Lord Sidious represents Satanists/The Devil himself, that shouldn’t be a stretch for anybody. The Sith represent secret societies which are very real outside of the Star Wars world, & definitely have some pull as they’ve been around for quite awhile. The Jedi represent a dominant religious ideology, not hidden like the Sith, that while seen as old fashioned & stuck in their ways, is still often highly respected & they’re obviously onto something with their teachings and methods of interacting with the force. They do seem kind of like a smashed together mix of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Catholicism somewhat with their vast library & politically-alligned headquarters. There are ancient prophecies among the Jedi of a Chosen One who would bring balance to the force. It is interesting to note that this comes in the form of Anakin, who is born of a virgin, „concieved by the force itself“ & it is implied he was concieved by the work of Sidious/the devil/the witchcraft of the secret cabal, the Sith order. This is a common theme, & it is speculated by many Christian/Muslim groups that this is prophesied to come as the Dajjal/Antichrist. His name is interesting, as Anakin is the fallen, & the Anakim are the human-hybrid offspring of fallen angels in the Bible. They are also known as the Annunaki, which were supposedly people who came down from the sky (Skywalkers?) worshipped as gods by the ancient Sumerians. There are some highly interesting speculations that I’ve researched claiming that the 13 main bloodlines involved in the secret societies working to bring this globe together for a New World Order are descended from these hybrid humans. I know it sounds out there, but we’re also talking about Star Wars here, so I know you can take it.

OK now bear with me on this, there’s an ancient code called Gematria, where letters are given a numeric value according to their place in the alphabet. Words can be decoded using either standard or reduced gematria, so for example, Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet, so it can be either 26, or 26 reduced to a single digit, 26>8. (2+6=8, that’s 26 reduced.) example word: ZEBRA equals either 26+5+2+18+1=52, or 8+5+2+9+1=25. These codes can get interesting because for example, there is much connection between the words Anakim, Annunaki, & Anakin Skywalker. Keep in mind those „13 bloodlines“ as you read these, & you can do the math yourself if you think it’s fishy, these things reduce to 13:





Interesting to note that the original name Lucas had for Luke in the rough drafts of STAR WARS was Anakin Starkiller, which equals the exact same thing as Anakin Skywalker.




George Lucas was born in 1944. FALLEN ANGEL=44.


CHOSEN=64. It is Genesis 6:4 that speaks of the fallen angels breeding with humans.

George Lucas‘ main company is Lucasfilm.


FREEMASON=96, & the highest degree of Masonry is 33°..

SIDIOUS=96/33. Hmm…so you may see where I’m coming from with this „Sith/Secret Society/Freemason“ thing…



Think of the first movie Lucas directed, THX 1138.

That movie is about a terrible NWO dystopian future where the populace is controlled by advanced technology & satisfied by drugs & screens, they don’t even understand their enslavement..the movie was released on the 11th of March. That’s 11.3. THX 1138 had a budget of $777,777.77. If that seems kind of strangely exact, it is. That’s alot of 7s. Secret societies & magic teachings say 7 is extremely important, & placing a number next to itself only incrementally increases its power for magical effect. (I don’t live by this, I just read things by people into magic). Speaking of which, this is from the Wikipedia article on the original Star Wars movie:

a fusion of futuristic technology and traditional magic—was originally developed by one of the founders of science fiction, H. G. Wells. Wells believed the Industrial Revolution had quietly destroyed the idea that fairy tale magic might be real. Thus, he found that plausibility was required to allow myth to work properly, and substituted elements of the Industrial Era: time machines instead of magic carpets, Martians instead of dragons, and scientists instead of wizards. Wells called his new genre „scientific fantasia“

SCIENCE=31. 31° is the foundational degree of Freemasonry. 33° is the highest. MAGIC=33. Notice it was the Industrial Revolution that the science fiction pioneer felt had moved people away from thinking about old magic. In light of that I think it’s interesting George Lucas has a special effects company called „Industrial Light & Magic“.

Remember those magic 7s? The first STARWARS was released in May 1977. That’s 5.77. It made $775million in theaters. It was 121 minutes long.

121 huh? I daresay I think George Lucas definitely has some kind of knowledge of prophecy:




Incidentally (or is it?) his company that you see advertised before thousands of movies in theaters is THX. Three little initials that just so happen to be exactly the same as these initials- NWO (New World Order).



REVOLUTION=52>7 (OR) 151.

Reduced, CONSPIRACY=51. (right now you may be thinking of Area 51?)

Are the Sith part of the conspiracy? They all have the same title:



Without being reduced, CONSPIRACY=123.

Allright, that might be enough gematria codes for right now, I got one more pair & then let’s get back to the movies.



I’m sure you all know the book of Revelation famously uses symbolism called the „Beast“ to portray what people say is the „antichrist“. In the movies Anakin is called „Ani“ which is how many people in this world pronounce the first part of „antichrist“. He is obviously not representative of the Christ, as he is selfish & tormented by his issues & his inability to „let go & let God“ or „achieve Zen“, or trust in the light side of the force. By the start of Episode III where he turns to the dark side, Anakin has a severed hand & a scar on his right eye. If you believe in symbolism, take a look at this from the book of the prophet Zechariah concerning the „antichrist“ 11:17:“Woe to the worthlesd shepard, who leaves the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, & upon his right eye. His arm shall completely wither, & his right eye shall be utterly darkened!“ I know his eye ain’t „utterly darkened“, but like I said, symbolism.

The most famous poster for The Phantom Menace showed the child Anakin with the shadow of Darth Vader, his dark fate. The wisest of the Jedi masters believe he is the one prophesied, but feel very apprehensive about accepting him into the order, with the cross-eyed muppet Yoda stating that he has much fear, „Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.“ he essentially called Anakin out on his whole future. Anakin is fully aware the Jedi have „love“ forbidden, though their ways are obviously an expression of love, as pointed out by Anakin in Episode II, „Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi’s life, so you might say we’re encouraged to love.“ it is clear though by this quote that he is trying to loophole the code he’s sworn to, because of his obsession & desire for Padmé. His feelings for both his mother & Padmé are nothing but attachment & possession. Throughout Attack of the Clones, he lets his mind become overwhelmed with his crush to the point it’s crushing him. Obviously interfering with his ability to see straight or clear in the path he’s supposed to be following. He’s like many young people, thinking he’s the exception cause he’s special & the older generations don’t know what they’re doing. He marries in secret, taking steps even further away from Jedi teachings, which are there for the prevention of the type of destructive selfishness that Yoda & the others saw in him. By taking these steps away from what he saw as „unfair tradition“, Ani moved more into darkness & secrecy, which would become an even bigger habit, & was necessary for his ever-nearing total switch to the dark side. It is also obvious that Sidious has been working dark magic to pull Anakin constantly towards himself. Anakin trusts Palpatine/the devil with thoughts & feelings that he doesn’t make known to the Jedi, & as Palpy stated with a pat on Ani’s back in Phantom Menace „We will be watching your career with great interest!“ By the Revenge of the Sith, he is so overcome with his secrets & his fear of losing what he, by the code, shouldn’t have taken in the first place, he is willing to do anything to keep it. We see he is closer to Palpatine than ever, seeing him as a father figure & getting sly reinforcement from him that Palpy knows the Jedi don’t give. Just as he has long been undermining the political landscape, he has long been undermining Anakin’s commitment to the Jedi Order by appealing to his insecurities. He is one of few people who knows about Anakin & Padmé’s relationship, & he plays to that all the way, telling him in the opera house all about the Sith lord who learned ways to prevent death & extend life, only to be killed by his apprentice in his sleep. It is clear that if Sidious isn’t that apprentice, he’s still got the knowledge. Hidden knowledge is the entire point of secret societies, & the figure worshipped by many, Lucifer. Anakin wants this power. He is impatient with the Jedi because he feels that they don’t give him his due, though it is all because of what they sense in him. He is frightened when Palpatine reveals himself as a Sith, & goes to the Jedi to try to do the right thing. But he is consumed with the idea of losing his ability to control his hidden life he’s worked so hard for behind the Jedi’s backs. He goes in & helps murder Master Windu, making the final decision to completely sell his soul. In doing all this, of course his prophetic dreams are realized. He loses what he thought he’d gain, & is essentially left with no way to turn back & undo how far he’s come. He helped kill off the Jedi & slaughter the kids to pave the final steps for his dark master’s full takeover. His wife dies because she lost him. Even earlier there is shown their distancing mindsets-

Ani:“Sometimes I wonder what’s happening to the Jedi Order. I think this war is destroying the principles of the Republic.“

Padmé:“Have you ever considered that we may be on the wrong side?“

Ani:“What do you mean?“

Padmé:“What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists, and the Republic has become the very evil we’ve been fighting to destroy?“

Ani:“I don’t believe that, and you’re sounding like a Separatist.“

Padmé:“What this war represents is a failure to listen. Now you’re closer to the Chancellor than anyone, please, ask him to stop the fighting and let the diplomacy resume.“

Ani:“Don’t ask me to do that.“

His loyalty is to deception. Like the Jedi, loyal to the farce of the republic. That dialogue above shows the parallel to this world, with endlessly opposing factions that are really just being played as chess pieces. Anakin’s clinging to his „side“ like politics teach all who believe in them to do. Always believe your guys are the ones with a cause worth fighting for. Democrats & republicans, liberals & conservatives, Crips & Bloods, cops & robbers, terrorists & infidels, it always goes on. People pitted against each other while the ones who create the conflicts sit back & get drunk on the wine of their power. Wars that only end to turn into other wars. This has been going on for a long time & the timeline of the prequel trilogy matches well with the conflicts in the middle east that started kicking up sand a few short years after Phantom Menace. Attack of the Clones comes along in the first year of the war over in the sand & shows the beginning of a war started on the sands of Geonosis, which is like Genesis; the beginning. The movie ends with Yoda:“Begun, the clone war has.“

The galactic senate & all the planets they represent by & large have no idea what’s really going on, but all kinds of propaganda has been at work all over to ensure they go along with the chancellor declaring himself emperor. This is what leads Senator Amidala to say:“So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.“ she is one of the few who saw it coming, but she didn’t know how until that moment of complete realization.

Just like the CIA set up Osama bin Laden & all his people’s resources in the 80s & 90s, (not a theory, Bin Laden was a CIA man, if you don’t believe it look it up) Palpatine has been manufacturing chaos for many years, insidiously arranging deals to set up both the clone army of the republic, & the droid army of the separatists, only to unite the entire galaxy under an offer of „order“ & false peace to end the war…. Interestingly enough, the motto of 33° Freemasonry is „Ordo ab Chao“ Latin for „Order out of Chaos“. Quick gematria: ORDER=33.


It is Order 66 which suddenly & without blinking turns the military of the republic against the altruistic Jedi who have served with them, believing in the lie of the war. Order 66 is basically programmed into the clones, who don’t do much to question or think for themselves, their minds are trained by specific programs their entire life to serve as tactical assets, but no individuality. Order 66 flips everything around & since darkness now rules openly calling itself good, it is the Jedi who must go into hiding to avoid the „justice“ that would be brought to them through the universal system.

ORDER + 66 = 99.

(99 reduced is 18. 18 is 6+6+6.)

It’s hard not to see parallels between Order 66, and 666, which if you’ve read Revelation or listened to Slayer, you know is associated with „the mark of the beast“, from Revelation 13:16-„The beast causes all, both small & great, rich & poor, free & slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: his number is 666.“ now I ain’t trying to get hoobily-joobily on anybody, but if such a thing was implemented in a global system, it’s not hard to see those who refuse to take „the mark“ & allign with the system, would be considered enemies of the state, though it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to join…if you were one of those you could see yourself going into hiding like the surviving Jedi, who can only bide their time & hope for redemption from the new order. I have to post before midnight cause my phone service ends but I may write more later.

Edit: This was on the front page today It is further proof that Georgie definitely had more gears turning in his mind than some people want to think. Doesn’t prove this theory at all but I figured it was relevant.


This fan documentary, written and directed by David Brennan, reveals how, just as the original Star Wars trilogy was modeled after mythology and folklore, the prequel trilogy was modeled after history. The documentary goes over the prequel’s story of false flag terrorism step-by-step, and then reveals how George Lucas had this element planned since 1973!

“The Empire is like America ten years from now, after Nixonian gangsters assassinated the Emperor and were elevated to power in a rigged election; created civil disorder by instigating race riots, aiding rebel groups, and allowing the crime rate to rise to the point where a ‘total control’ police state was welcomed by the people. Then the people were exploited with high taxes, utility, and transport costs. Gangsters, a cartel made up of power companies, transport companies & crime organizations. Other companies had to pay bribes to stay in business.” -George Lucas, 1973.




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