This Image Of A Little Wounded Syrian Boy Needs To Be Seen By The World

Featured image credit: AMC


In this time where information is readily available 24/7/365, images of war and suffering can begin to blur into one. We become desensitised to the pain of others. We’re all guilty of it in one form or another. However, this following video and the above image of a tiny Syrian boy who was pulled alive from a building after an airstrike is enough to challenge anyone’s perceptions of the horror that is currently going on in his home country.

Five-year-old Omran Daqneesh was named by Aleppo Media Centre, who also took the video.

He sits alone in an ambulance, not crying, the whereabouts of his parents unknown.


Credit: AMC

This poor little kid looks so defeated, traumatised and empty it’s enough to bring anyone to tears.

He wipes his head with his hand, looks down and realises it’s covered in blood. Instead of reacting, he simply places his hand back down on his lap.

ABC reported that Omran ’suffered head wounds when his home in the rebel-held eastern suburbs of Aleppo was hit in an airstrike‘.

He, along with three other children, were rescued and taken to hospital. Omran has been discharged, however the doctors don’t know where his parents are.

Words by Mel Ramsay



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