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No 777 engine in the wreckage?

THAT is a load of bunk that gets repeated a LOT. If you have fallen for it, TRY THIS: Look at lots of wreckage photos, until you see one that has the large front turbines in it scattered through the wreckage. These large turbines got ripped off both engines. They are there in the wreckage and people who do not look well enough will think that the back portion of the engine is all there is. That looks smaller than a 777 engine obviously, because it has NONE of the wide diameter blades. I debunked this so quickly that I figured it was not worth posting, but since it is getting pushed around the web a lot, it is time for a debunk.

Take a look, TWO of the large turbines are in this photo:

Yet all the people pushing the „wrong engines“ theory will only show you THIS PHOTO or other photo of a partial engine:

And that would be disinfo, folks, just google Mh17 wreckage and look through the debris, THE ENGINES DISINTIGRATED ON IMPACT, and to take only the back portion of the engine which is smaller and peddle it off as the entire thing, when all the huge blades from the front are everywhere in the debris proves fraud, NO ONE WHO OPERATES A TRUTH SITE COULD POSSIBLY POST ONLY THE BACK PORTION OF THE ENGINE and peddle it off as the whole thing without knowing they are lying, the proof of the large engine pieces is simply too easy to find.

Additional wreckage photo proves flight 370

Though they kicked out a window to spin whatever else, they messed up AGAIN. Take a look at the photo to the left – it provides added perspective to prove the flag really is the flag from flight 370 and that the appearance of lining up the same is NOT just an optical illusion.

Right after the shoot down, FOX news posted the next photo down, which proves the window cover was intact and the flag was in the wrong position for MH17, and the correct position for flight 370. The third photo down is a collage, to show what I am talking about with the flag position being wrong for MH17. Once again, even though the new debris photo shows the window kicked completely out, the flag is STILL IN THE WRONG POSITION.

The original image (immediately to the left here) which shows the blocked off window and no hole below the flag is from FOX,UPDATE: CHECK THE IMAGE SOURCE, THIS IS STILL COMING IN FROM FOX NEWS INTACT and is only embedded in this web site which can be verified by right clicking on the image and inspecting element/source.Someone else in the media obviously introduced something new to suit a new story and the embed which originates at Fox News PROVES IT. ONE BLOOPER: IN THE NEW IMAGE, THE FLAG STILL MATCHES FLIGHT 370, AND THE ADDITIONAL PERSPECTIVE PROVES BEYOND A DOUBT THIS IS NOT AN OPTICAL ILLUSION

Mark wrote:

Dear James,

I lookup your site daily to checkup latest info. Yesterday I saw the images from the same piece of window/flag debris which was shown first in an other angle. They indeed do not match even slightly. First there’s a hole just under the flag in about the middle of the 2 windows in the new image. Which ISN’T there in the old image.(See newest flag weird hole.jpg)

Second point is that the glass of the edge window is broken now and grass is coming through. Which wasn’t the case in the first image either.(See old flag weird hole.jpg)

Keep up the good work.

Sinc. yours, Mark.

My response: If there was NOTHING to hide, ALL DEBRIS IMAGES WOULD LOOK THE SAME. Fox posted theirs first. Why is someone either messing with the crash scene or photoshopping on steroids (the fakes are GOOD, REALLY GOOD.) In fact, with hollywood quality fakes being made, or with the crash scene getting messed with (take your pick) it makes one answer obvious, THERE IS SOMETHING BIG TO HIDE HERE, SOMETHING AS BIG AS A JUMBO JET, PERHAPS THE FACT THAT JUMBO JET IS REALLY NOT MH17?

Andy wrote:

Hi James

your article about the 2 planes as stated in the subject, is really interesting. but i am confused. You say that the window configuration of these 2 planes are different. I found plane spotter videos, which shows similar window configs. any clue on this?

Andi My response:

Flight mh17 was 17 years old and had many modifications. The latest modification matched flight 370. That is the cause of confusion. Therefore, since the body was identical at the time of shoot down, only the paint can tell the story. On flight 370, the flag was in a different position, and the rubble clearly shows the flag for flight 370. MH17 had the flag farther forward on the plane.

Now fakes are quickly being made to muddy the waters, and the old window configuration for MH17 is getting photoshopped into the wreckage and published by the MSM to make it look like MH17 was unique and did not match flight 370. Yet even minimal fact checking will reveal that when crashed, MH17 really did look identical to flight 370 with only the flag to tell the difference. Scroll down to July 25 to see this.

The fact they are attempting to make the wreckage look like an older modification that was updated years before the shoot down proves beyond a doubt that it really is flight 370 and they are DESPERATE, and that the flag is the detail they either expected everyone to miss or missed themselves. Now (way too late) they have to try to convince the public that the plane never looked like flight 370 at all with outright fakes that are easily proven false with historical data.

July 25 2014

For the flight 370 flag report, scroll down to the headline „Redaction“ (actually it is not really a redaction, it is a counter punch)

A whole lot of photoshopping going on

The flag in the wreckage is now getting cropped out of images posted of the shoot down, and someone either kicked the aluminum plate over the window out or a second window got photoshopped in. Take a look at this photo:

and ask yourself, WHY HAS THIS BEEN DONE? Obviously to muddy the waters, that is a super professional photoshop hack, we all know what the real photo is supposed to look like and this was obviously done in response to people discussing the flag, and having the window arrangement match flight 370 exactly. They HAD TO release a photo showing a window where there was none in the original crash scene, to muddy the waters and just „PROVE“ this is MH17. Notice the flag is cropped out, because it is the smoking gun that proves this is flight 370.


About this, Dubvrako, who sent in the new virtual reality photo wrote:

Hi Jim,

Following your articles on the Flag and sealed up window. Seems a lot of photoshopping is in progress regarding 370, 17 etc.

But this little gem turned up in an Australian edition of the Age newspaper. Think you might like it.

Notice they cut out the flag in this picture.

My response:

Yep, this confirms it – they are going to BURY the fact this was flight 370 by destroying all forensic value of the crash scene and releasing really good photoshopped „reality“ to replace what is out there telling the truth right now. NEVER FORGET WHAT THAT WRECKAGE LOOKED LIKE TO BEGIN WITH, the punched out or photoshopped in window port to match the most popular photos of MH17 in conjunction with the cropping out of the flag says it all – they intend to BURY THIS, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

They have no intentions at all of being honest with this, and the fake is so spectacularly well done it is absolutely mind blowing.

Zenhia from Ukraine wrote:



My response: Without question, Putin had nothing to do with this shoot down, and being from Ukraine you would obviously have a better perspective than the European media is reporting. I have no doubt this shoot down had three motives, two of which were 1. The frame up of Putin as a villain over BRICS, and 2. to provide cover for the destruction of Gaza, which people are telling me is as severe as I suspected (total annihilation). With Gaza, remember that there is now a Jewish section that they can put on the press, say it is Gaza and say LOOK! IT IS STILL STANDING while the rest is leveled.

And if any war with Russia breaks out over this shoot down, I find it difficult to believe that YES I will have to stand with Putin on that one, (Figure the odds of a cold war American EVER saying that) but it would in this case be the correct thing to do. America and Europe have really fallen that far politically.

Thanks for writing!

Emil wrote a long mail which I will summarize down to a few lines:

In the latest photo you posted, you show MH17 with a blanked window. Why? And, It is obvious the flag position is that of MH370 when you go through the wreckage photos, but I am confused about why MH17 has a blanked window on your site now and also WHY images of flight 370 which show the flag position are now gone from those sites. Do you know what happened to the originals?

My response:

Mh17 went through three different appearances over time, the latest of which made it match flight 370 except for the location of the flag. The flag location is what I am talking about, flight 370 had the flag in a different position from ALL appearance versions of MH17, it was much farther back, as if an error had been made with the placement of the flag on flight 370, and THAT is the detail that went missing for this shoot down/flight 370 disposal psy op.

Once this flag anomaly was discovered by others, and after I picked it up, legitimate photos of flight 370 started vanishing, being replaced with flags exactly matching MH17. It is an easy task to have a few photo experts use NSA provided processor back doors to get into systems and modify the damning photos, when there were only five or so on the web to begin with that really showed this anomaly well.

And it is interesting indeed that the originals are no longer out there to be had, not on ANY web site even those such as planespotters which were known to have had them. It looks like you found one I never saw that makes it perfectly clear, and you definitely found another wreckage photo that shows it plain as day, I will try to get that posted when I am online with my own computer.


Jackie wrote: (and this really says it ALL:

The last couple of days your site has started shutting down after about a minute or so. Today it is crazy, maybe every 10-15 seconds. Interesting how quickly they get on to erasing evidence – I managed to check out the flag/window line up in short bursts. The thing for me is that, if you were wrong about the windows because you’re a crazy delusional in need of medical help, then the pictures would stay as they are. However, somebody felt the need to change them, and if there was nothing to hide then why would they do that? When we were all talking about the fact that there was no plume of smoke descending out of the sky from the downed aircraft, the day after there it was. Of course if it was a one off occurance you’d be thinking, oh I must have missed that somehow, but when every query to every inconsistency finds ready evidence available a day or two after it starts to feel like The Truman Show, and we’re ALL on it. I know you’ve been telling us this from day one so please forgive those of us like myself who have not personally bumped into the glass ceiling and still have a hard time getting their heads around the appalling reality. Thanks for all your hard work.


My response It is standard procedure now for „them“ to edit photos, videos, and anything else they find inconvenient when people discover the truth, this is one of the primary objectives of the NSA now. Their data center in Utah has this as a primary purpose, it is obvious this is true because after it went online, I cannot even keep photos on my own web site from getting messed with. This is made possible for them with back doors into operating systems and processors, and is a good reason to shut the NSA down. The NSA is supposed to protect WE THE PEOPLE, and not be used as a tool for destroying the truth. Glad to see you caught on!

A great quote from Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened.com

Mike told the truth about Gaza more efficiently than I have ever seen anyone do:

„Look carefully at the wreckage. See any rockets or rocket launchers? Because that’s Israel’s excuse for targeting civilians, hospitals, and schools; that HAMAS is hiding rockets and rocket launchers in them.

To find a lie look for what should be there and isn’t and what isn’t there in this video and the hundreds just like it are the remains of rockets and rocket launchers!“

Well said Mike, that really sums it up in only a few words.

July 24 2014


Flight 370/MH17 flag/window report redacted due to possible error, However, the wreckage piece is STILL not from MH17, something is amiss.

My final report on this is being left up to show people how the possible error was made.

HERE IS THE REDACTION: It appears that the flight 370 photos online have been tampered with to move the flag forward after the flag location anomaly was mentioned. (the flag on MH17 did not match the wreckage, but the flag on flight 370 did and subsequently it appears photos of flight 370 have been messed with to move the flag forward to the same position as the flag on MH17.) So I have another way to make all of this obvious, despite tampered with photos online:

Take another look at the wreckage photo:

And compare this to a decent crop of the windows and flag on MH17:

AND THEN, compare it to the original perspective from an original flight 370 photo, before any of this was ever mentioned online

Something is definitely amiss here, perspective did not mess the flag position up in the wreckage that badly. This wreckage piece is not from MH17. So I am leaning towards pictures of flight 370 being tampered with on the web after all of this was mentioned, with the originals nowhere to be had but have to redact this report anyway because the original flight 370 photos are not out there anymore. And if that does not do it for you, WHY does the wreckage piece obviously not match ANY photo of MH17 AT ALL? They did not think to change those . . . . .

Here is the original article quote everyone missed, which caused a LOT of confusion:

„In all paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. And the position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge of the flag at the leading edge of first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the (trailing edge) of the second window“ UPDATE: IN THE PHOTO POSTED IT WOULD BE THE THIRD WINDOW IF YOU COUNT THE LONE WINDOW, WHICH I DID NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO DO SO THIS TIME AROUND I DID NOT USE THE BLOGGERS COLLAGE, I USED MH17’s LATEST PAINT JOB. Look again, the flag position really is the smoking gun, THEY SCREWED UP THE FLAG POSITION FOR THE CO-PILOT SIDE OF FLIGHT 370. IT DOES NOT MATCH OTHER PLANES FROM MALAYSIA AIRLINES (or at least definitely not MH17).

I guess I made an error in using the blogger’s photo collage for this, because he used the old paint job and window configuration for MH17 and that caused a lot of reader confusion with the point about the flag I was trying to make. But I thought people would see what I was talking about anyway, flight 370 had a screwed up flag, it was too far back.

Any way you cut it, even if every accurate photo of flight 370 out there gets destroyed or it really is all camera perspective error, that is NOT the flag from MH17, this is visibly obvious in all photos even without using a piece of paper to line things up on your screen. I am not redacting that point. And if „they“ are tampering with photos, the flags will move to whatever position needed to sway public opinion away from nuking Israel. They surely deserve it, especially after what they did to Gaza under the cover of this MH17 story.

RC vs RD Facebook photo screw up strongly indicates ALL PASSENGERS were in on the MH17 psy op

How do you take a photograph of a plane you are supposed to get on IMMEDIATELY BEFORE BOARDING, when the plane you photographed is 8,000 miles away and at a totally different airport? ANSWER: you did not fly that day.

Take a look at THIS REPORT(read more than just the headline) and THINK. Supposedly the photo, which clearly shows 9M-MRC as being the plane boarded, a plane claimed to be flight MH17 was supposedly uploaded to Facebook at the airport immediately before the „victim“ got on the plane. Too bad 9M-MRC was 8,000 miles away, which required an awful long walk and swim to the gate.

He got on it though, a simple reality proven by the fact that CNN and FOX never lie.

Beast train BUSTED

The first leg of my journey documenting illegal children on trains in Mexico went extremely well and was a complete success. I have several hours of video to pick through so far to complete a final video, which will be released soon after my journey is complete.

I first stopped in Queteraro Mexico because Queteraro is the choke point through which ALL northbound trains in Mexico must pass. At this choke point, I was able to interview the security for Kansas City Southern, Queteraro State security and a private security firm, as well as a Mexican man who has ridden the trains a lot to get the entire story. And as Arturo in Guadalajara said, the entire illegals on trains story is a HOAX. Both the professional rail yard security in Queteraro and the man who frequently rides trains flatly stated that the „beast train“ reports were outright lies, and that they from their vantage point could confirm this because they see every northbound train in Mexico go by and have NEVER seen a train with a thousand people on it, or any train with even more than 30 as an all time record. The videos of thousands of people on mexican trains are all staged hoaxes, which even the man who rides trains frequently frankly stated, and three different security forces confirmed.

Kansas City Southern, which is stationed at this choke point stated that 20-30 people travel the north south route PER DAY, out of dozens of trains per day. Most trains have no one at all on them. Kansas City Southern was interviewed at the south end of the yard

The state run security man was interviewed on a private spur in the center of the yard. He said he never saw anyone on any train on his spur EVER and he very infrequenly sees anyone out in the main rail yard, which is visible from his vantage point.

The private security firm, which is in place to bust people at the north end of the yard matched exactly what Kansas City Southern said – which is 20-30 illegals attempt to travel the north south route in Mexico PER DAY. When I asked them about the trains with thousands of people these security people flatly stated it was a total lie, and that it has never happened.

When asked how many children come through on the trains, they said a couple every couple days, but not every day, which is far from the thousands per day lie in the American press.

The man who rides the trains often confirmed what security said, and filled in the rest of the details, and that is that despite what lying media outlets out there say, absolutely NO illegals ride Kansas City Southern trains, because Kansas City Southern keeps too close an eye on the trains and busts anyone riding their trains almost immediately. Before clicking the next link, be aware that the article it goes to is a lie that has been confirmed FALSE, I am only linking it to give you an example of the lying propaganda that is going on regarding the „Beast train“ and Kansas City Southern. The reality on the ground goes in stark contrast with the lies told by the mainstream media, which claimed Kansas City Southern allowed thousands of people on their trains and operated The Beast. Here is the response from Kansas City Southern calling the American media on their lies.

The man who frequently rides trains clarified everything, and said that there is ONE train per day on the north south route in Quetraro, which is the choke point for all trains – ONE train per day which is operated by Ferromex has a majority of the illegals on it out of a total number of train jumpers of 20-30 per day, and they take that train because there are many places to hide and it goes the entire way without stopping.

And obviously, if a Mexican is riding these trains and was there to be interviewed, other mexicans ride these trains and are counted among the 20-30 illegals per day, the 20-30 number is not entirely made up of illegals, it also includes Mexicans trying to hitch a free ride the same way people sometimes do in America.

Both the security at the north end of the yard and the frequent Mexican train rider confirmed that very few children ride these trains, even out of the 20-30 people per day that do. All names of people interviewed will be in then video, including names and very clear audio confirming everything said here. This video will need to be assembled from several hours of video and will also include Arturo, who was interviewed in Guadalajara and said 10-15 illegals travel through Guadalajara per day, which fits perfectly because the line splits north of Queteraro, with half the traffic going through Guadalajara up into California, and the other half going into Texas. There were absolutely no conflicting numbers across all people interviewed on the main lines, PROOF I have done an accurate job of busting the children on trains story.

The next leg of this expose on the illegal immigrant children on trains hoax will explore the only other option other than DHS buses shipping them up the entire way – and the far more sensible option – that these children are getting on private buses and riding up in safety and comfort. Any adult can buy them a ticket, no ID is required and it is the only other way. Once on a private bus, it is a guaranteed safe and quick ride through Mexico.

July 23 2014

July 23 updates appear below this top posted report, which is being kept on top because it is important.

From July 22:


This report has been partially redacted, see above

Earlier today I messed up a report about the number of seats and pulled that report. NOW WE HAVE THE SMOKING GUN, thanks to another internet sleuth who was linked through by Gordon Duff who was re-posted on beforeitsnews, and I cannot find due to the cattle trail of links. But secondary confirmation nails it, this sleuth, who spent many hours comparing photos of the wreckage to photos of MH370 and MH17, found the SMOKING GUN. I spent about two hours confirming this guy did not get this wrong.

The mistake in the shoot down false flag was subtle, yet obvious, and is absolute proof it was flight 370.

In all paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. And the position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge of the flag at the leading edge of the first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the trailing edge of the second window. You have to look at the correct side of the plane to see it, because the opposite side lines up the same on both planes. But when the correct sides of the two aircraft are compared (this would be the same as the passenger side of an American car) you can clearly see that the flag is an entire window off where it is supposed to be if it really was MH17.

There is no way out of this, this is irrevocable proof the shot down plane is flight 370. Now there is another spare jet out there for another false flag, 9M MRD.

Below are the two smoking gun photos.

It is important to note that MH370 was new, and therefore never repainted. This is the way the flag ALWAYS looked on Flight 370, and it forever pegs the shoot down plane as flight 370.

Next is flight MH17. Notice the flag position which is farther forward on MH17, (the correct position, on Flight 370 the flag position was screwed up and it was about 10 inches too far back).

As earlier stated, my look into the illegal immigrant children story has now begun, and will continue for approximately 2 weeks as I travel mexico to bust the children on trains story and find out how they are actually coming up to America.

A development in the rotten bodies report

Now it is being said that a Dutch doctor who was at the scene within a day has released testimony that the bodies on the plane were rotten and dead days before the crash, which would corroborate what the military commander said and that evidence is there that they were also tortured before the crash. However, the translation from Dutch is very poor and I am working on secondary confirmation. The Mexican press did a very detailed piece about the dead bodies, showing them being loaded on the train in body bags, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW BAD THEY SMELLED, with absolutely everyone at the scene gagging from the stench including robust military types and doctors. It was surreal, I have never seen anything like that regarding bodies from any disaster. There is no way that kind of rot could have set in in such a short time unless the bodies were indeed dead long before the shoot down.

It is extremely important to re-enforce reality with the fact that the bodies were rotten, because this proves beyond any doubt that THIS WAS NOT FLIGHT MH17, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE CONCIEVABLE WAY IT WAS NO MATTER WHAT STORIES ARE SPUN AND THEORIES ARE PRESENTED. I could care less what the MSM spins about this, the rotten bodies alone renders everything else irrelevant. There is no middle ground to be had with this.

July 23 coverage starts here

About the different paint jobs –

As you go through the different pictures of MH17, you need to remember that MH17 was a 17 year old aircraft that has been painted many times. This was NOT the case for flight 370, it was never repainted because it was almost new. So the flag comparisons and window comparisons for flight 370 are legitimate, that is the way it always looked and it never looked any different, and that is why I am flatly stating the photos prove the shot down plane is flight 370.

There were hundreds of mails today which I cannot answer because I am now on the road documenting the illegal immigrant children story. But I am going to declare the photos prove it is indeed flight 370, because rest assured as a supposedly normally scheduled flight, MH17 was canceled that day, and they did not have a supply of dead and rotten bodies for MH17, which flight 370 is highly probable to have had. Add to this the other anomalies, such as flown 200 KM off course into a war zone, the fact flight 370 needed to be disposed of, the fact that it has been declared that a legitimate investigation can never be done, the fact that it had two escorts which prove Ukraine did it and not Russia, the coincidental timing with the death sentence for Gaza, to keep that out of the news and well, what more would anyone need to confirm this? The perfectly matching paint to what flight 370 always had is the bonus clue, in my opinion it is all clear enough to start hanging people,

It is said that dead men can tell no tales, but when they are a planeload of rotting bodies that should have been perfectly fresh, THAT ALONE SAYS IT ALL, from THAT ALONE you can declare this plane to be flight 370, HOW ELSE COULD IT BE? Undead Zombies DID NOT board MH17.

This web site will be updated daily during the travels required to do the immigrant children report, if updates stop expect something to be amiss. As far as flight MH17 goes, it is pointless to keep digging more evidence, it is far beyond proven already and as far as Gaza goes, Israel totally annihilated the place under the cover of the MH17 story and I expect there to be over 20,000 dead and suspect a far higher number. The Mexican television showed it all, IT IS FAR BEYOND ANYTHING BEING STATED ON THE WEB, Gaza is horrific beyond belief after what Israel did and the rockets are easily proven false flag attacks, but what can I do about Gaza other than tell people what reality is there? I suspect the actual goal is total expulsion of all inhabitants live or dead.

A quick sailent point came in as I rapidly scan the mail and look at 2 percent or so – This happened but I did not mention it but it really nails the story another time:

Afa wrote: Further to the post today regarding the photo proof:

Here is another picture that from „Dutch passenger Cor Pan“ making a claim „this is what it looks like in case it goes down“ and posted the following pictures.

I didn’t think anything of it till today. Look at the windows!!!!! From your photos you posted it looks like mh370

My response: The real smoking gun with the photo referenced by Afa is the fact that the plane’s identification number was enough into the photo to prove it was not MH17 OR flight 370. So the question is: WHY WAS THIS DONE TO BEGIN WITH if this was not all pre-planned and as part of the psy op the think tank behind it did not want a little drama in the mix? The plane actually photographed had not flown for six days and did not fly even two days after the shoot down. This entire MH17 deal was planned well ahead of time, with groundwork being laid days in advance.

Though the photo Afa is referring to does nothing to change the comparison between flight 370 or MH17, it does stand in the evidence pool that a well planned psy op with plenty of details was under development long before any shoot down happened, yet another piece of evidence to consider.

July 22 2014

GAZA Last night Mexican television did a huge segment on Gaza. In some scenes nothing identifiable is left, with only a barren lanscape of destroyed concrete and collapsed buildings all the way to the horizon (as far as the camera could see). It looks like Israel did the big dirty under the cover of „flight 370MH17,“ which was a heinous zio crime all by itself.

After the scene of total devastation, they aired video of a portion of gaza that appeared mostly intact, and went into a segment about displaced families and how the entire water infrastructure was completely destroyed and there was no safe water to drink other than stores of it that were made ready beforehand.

The number of dead listed is laughable, it has to be tens or hundreds of thousands. There is no way out of this, but I am certain that when all is said and done, the ziopress will firmly re-enforce the solid concrete fact that fewer than 50 people died, just like they did at Jenin and the Mexican press is reporting that Gaza is a war crime and it is all Israel’s fault.

Not a 777?

Someone did a poor report saying it was not a 777 based upon the engines. However, it is obvious that MH17 crashed at hundreds of miles an hour, probably well over 350, and the reference plane (that crash in California last year) actually made a partially safe landing and the ripped off engine was intact. You cannot do comparisons between totally demolished engines and one that is intact, and from what I can see in the pieces laying around from the smashed to pieces engines of flight 370 (I am calling it now, it is time to stop playing games with this) all the pieces are there, including the large pieces.

I looked through the wreckage myself and see dissasembled Trent 892 engines. Enough pictures of the internal parts are available to show they are all there. The huge bell ends disintigrated in the crash, and what is left looks like a smaller engine if you do not look for pieces elsewhere. The big blades are there, ripped off and strewn through the wreckage.

The Mexican slant on America trying to blame Russia

Last night the Mexican press did a huge piece on flight 370 Er, uh, „MH17.“ They aired all the footage from the Russian satellites which proved Ukraine shot it down, and then went on an endless rant about how America is trying to blame Russia. I could not make out the actual take, if the Mexican press believes Russia did it or not, but I would guess that if they aired the radar records as well, which showed two Ukranian jets just as the original tower reports said (and subsequently got deleted off Twitter) and then followed up with what the Russian satellites said, that they showed enough truth to make even the brainless aware of what actually happened.

July 21 2014

Russian satellites and American satellites recorded the truth

America is being forced to backtrack on accusations that Russia downed flight MH17 after Russia produced proof that (as this web site reported on day one,) Ukranian fighter jets were accompanying flight MH17. Now an AP reporter has also stepped forward, saying that all along, from day one, he was shown proof that American satellites also tracked the shoot down, and that America knew Ukraine downed the plane as well.

On day one this web site clearly stated this shoot down was done in Ukraine BY UKRAINE when the real MH17 is never supposed to get within 200 KM of where this plane was shot down. This shoot down was done 200KM East of MH17´s established flight path because the outcome of the investigation could be controlled in that region and falsified to forever hide that beyond a reasonable doubt the plane was in fact flight 370. A real investigation would look at serial numbers on parts which would identify the plane they came from, and would not be limited to photos of a paint job and even those photos are totally messed up when all sources of them are put together in the same bin. A summary of the evidence proving this was flight 370, including what happened to the MH17 „passengers“ is below:

Questions answered

The most asked question is „what about the passengers who boarded MH17.“? Answer: Obviously, with the doctors claiming to have DNA identified the passengers on day two which is days too soon because you need two samples to identify anyone – one from before the passenger boarded which would be gathered from the home and one of the passenger, to match to the passenger, that statement is patently false because it could not be done that quickly and if they had to say that and were willing to this early on, they are lying about everything and it then becomes obvious that perhaps NONE of the stated passengers were aboard.

It is impossible get DNA identification THAT FAST when samples have to be gathered from Holland, China, Malaysia and other places from homes and elsewhere to be matched against people on the plane, and the fact the MSM is reporting that this was accomplished within two days, analyzed and matched to passengers proves the entire official story is a lie. It would be difficult to get to even one home and collect a decent sample in two days, let alone every home everywhere, and AFTER getting that sample then actually analyze it, a process which by itself takes days.

The obviously brand new passports also proves no one listed actually boarded any flight MH17.

Every passport gathered from the wreckage was absolutely totally and completely sparkly new as if it had never been touched before. This was shown in numerous youtube videos and higher quality photos. In any stack of passports gathered from people at random you would probably get one or two like that, but the fact that not a single one showed any wear at all proves that they were all printed a couple days prior to be used for falsifying who was on the plane. There should have been a mix of new, lightly used and totally dog eared passports if they really were as claimed. Once again, along with the phony DNA identification claims, the all 100 percent sparkly new passports reveal the lie. Obviously ZERO passports were on that plane, and a psy op team went through the wreckage and threw them there. The shoot down was well planned and teams were ready.

The rotten bodies proves no one living boarded that plane

Military commanders confirmed that a large portion of the bodies in the wreckage were rotten, drained of blood and dead for days before the plane even took off. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT ANOMALY WITH A RATIONAL BRAIN? Well, Rense said they were in the cargo hold and regular passengers were in the cabin, but that is a dubious claim when the air in the cargo hold of a 777 (which is pressurized) gets circulated through the main cabin as well as a normal matter of course which would have stunk so bad NO ONE would ever board, there were TONS of sparkly new passports and not a single used one, and „everyone was already DNA identified on DAY TWO“ which would be flatly impossible.

The fact that flight MH17 continued on schedule without a hitch afterward also proves no one living boarded MH17 BECAUSE THAT ROUTE LOST ZERO AIRPLANES.

The fact that it is business as usual already also proves Route MH17 never lost an airplane. Can you see what I am getting at here? If you are waiting for the liars in the media to say OH, WE DID IT, THAT WAS FLIGHT 370, WE FAKED THE PASSPORTS, FAKED THE BOARDING LOGS FOR MH17 TO SPOOF BUSINESS AS USUAL AND SHOT DOWN FLIGHT 370 WITH ROTTEN BODIES ABOARD you are waiting for pathological liars to get well.


The media lies in this psy op just keep on giving – such as the 108 dead aids researchers on the plane, which this web site totally trashed, forcing a redaction of that statement and a reduction of that number to SIX. 108 DOES NOT EQUAL SIX. HOW DOES THAT MATCH THE BOARDING LOG? Quite well if it was phony and NEVER EXISTED.

How about another media screw up?

How about this one – the plane was 200 KM off course, 200KM TOO FAR INTO UKRAINE, 200 KM FARTHER THAN IT WOULD EVER BELONG AND THE MEDIA NEVER SAID IT. WHY? ANSWER: Because it had to be 200 KM off course to get to where completely zionist controlled people were to make good and sure a legitimate investigation, which would have identified it as flight 370, never got done. And it also as a bonus could be used to spin the lie that Russia did it.

And what about the three different departure times stated in the media? And the fact that it was listed as cancelled by the biggest aircraft tracking web site out there?

Obviously no one could get a departure time for MH17, because it stayed on the ground and a different plane took off so everyone in the media guessed and that created conflicts.

Is it obvious now? Sparkly clean passports showing up with no used ones in the mix, Completely DNA matched passengers being stated in the news when it is flatly impossible to even get pre crash samples that fast, the fact that NO ONE living would board a plane that had rotting corpses aboard, corpses that were not bagged and showed up in the wreckage like normal passengers, 108 aids doctors supposedly on the flight manifest reduced to 6, the plane being 200KM off course for no reason, THREE DIFFERENT DEPARTURE TIMES STATED, the largest flight web site listing it as canceled, THE PERFECT RESUMPTION OF FLIGHT MH17 AS IF NOT A SINGLE PLANE WAS LOST and probably 50 other details out there to be had PROVES THERE WAS NO MH17 AND THIS WAS DISPOSAL OF A DIFFERENT AIRCRAFT AND LOAD OF PASSENGERS.


HERE IS THE OBVIOUS ANSWER: Someone with a billion dollar budget bought all seats on MH17, ordered the plane to stay grounded, created fake boarding log, drafted up fake passports, and remote flew flight 370 and all original people on flight 370 out of the same airport while making sure they were good and dead beforehand so they could not talk about Diego Garcia, mixed them with perhaps a few other undesirables that were already whacked as well and then flew flight 370 to its final disposal over Ukraine. They had to get rid of that plane somehow, and the perfect corresponding time of shootdown with the time of the beginning of the ground assault on Gaza pretty much sews up WHO STOLE FLIGHT 370.

Oh please NOT AGAIN!

http://www.accesstomedicineindex.org/joep-lange-will-be-greatly-missed [1]

So, yes, the original 100 was a lie, but Joep Lange was an important AIDS-researcher.“

My response:

In getting the truth, you HAVE TO stay perfectly rooted in established FACT, which is: They stated 108 aids researchers were aboard via the „boarding log“, were forced to redact it, which means THERE NEVER WAS A BOARDING LOG AND EITHER JOE NEVER EXISTED OR THEY KILLED HIM AND LOADED HIM IN WITH THE CORPSES ON FLIGHT 370 BECAUSE HE WAS INCONVENIENT.

They blew this psy op so badly there is no going back for them, the only accurate statement was there was a shoot down with rotten bodies aboard. The rest is BULLSHIT.

Dario wrote:

„I am sure you have already seen this or someone has informed you of this but Flightaware has changed its flight path data for MH17 for most of its flights before July 17th. It now shows the flight going right over Donetsk and Torez. Clearly tampered and manipulated!! Unfortunately I did not take any screenshots but I looked at this closely and clearly remember the flight paths south of the war zone in Eastern Ukraine going over NE of the Black Sea, Sea of Azov.“


My response:

I am well aware of this tampering, it happened early on and it will probably fool the CNN crowd, which pretty much cannot be saved anyway. But there are lots of screen captures of the original record out there in the alternative press (and I saw these live before modification myself), which prove beyond a doubt that many „official sources“ cannot be trusted AT ALL because they will falsify data to fit the official story. The Fukushima report produced by this web site nailed the USGS for falsifying info exactly the same way,

thanks for writing!

Amy wrote:

Hey Jim, Hope you are well. I read your page several times a day and have turned so many people on to it and I want to thank you for all you are doing.

Not sure if you have already seen this video from Vice News. Its pretty disturbing but I wanted to point out the parts where bodies hit the ground and there isnt a drop of blood around them. Especially the guy in the road. It just totally supports the fact that they were drained.


Be well,


My response:

I will post this, I am getting a headache and appreciate a freebie, good work, Thanks! Upon looking at the video, I have to agree you are absolutely correct. 10 years ago I witnessed a high rise suicide jump, and there was so much blood from the body the fire department came and sprayed the scene with hoses to clean it up. The lack of blood from multiple bodies in the video from an even greater fall says it ALL. Thanks for the super clear video link.


July 20 2014


Toni wrote:

Today I picked up my sister who flew in from the netherlands. She tells me that a team of doctors from the Netherlands went to the crash site and identified people on board as the people who checked in flight MH17. Including DNA proof. I told her I doubt that is possible in such a short time.

My response:

DNA identification requires a pre crash sample to be available for all passengers. There is NO WAY they could have located even ONE pre crash sample this quickly and then used it to identify even ONE passenger in only two days. The machines may go that fast with really good samples if you start from day one with both samples in the lab, but HOW, with passengers from Malaysia, China, Australia, the Netherlands and many other places could that happen? ANSWER: THERE WAS NO DNA IDENTIFICATION and now that this lie has been spun WAY TOO SOON, THERE NEVER WILL BE. Just like when Israel verifies the DNA of a „suicide bomber“ and bulldozes the neighborhood within two hours of a „bombing“, such lies are for the foolish. DO NOT be counted among them.

If a super sleuth crack team of experts was deployed and had the best of the best gear ON SITE IN UKRAINE, and a complimentary team ready to pounce right on the home of a crash victim you might see the first true result in FIVE DAYS if they got VERY LUCKY, with most in a week and a half, and many never identified at all because no pre crash sample was there to be had. Why would there be a rush to report this anyway (true or not), other than to steer public opinion?

With recombinant technology vastly improved over years prior, it might be possible to get a match in two days IF AND ONLY IF at the exact beginning of those two days both samples were available, both samples were very large and of high quality and both samples went straight into the equipment immediately. But with pre crash samples needing to be ferreted out from homes and posessions and being of imperfect quality, and the body over a thousand KM away, two days is laughably foolish – it simply would never happen.

I say ZERO dead aids doctors or live passengers or pilots, and only corpses loaded and flown via remote


And why load diseased corpses into a plane that was going to be shot down in the middle of nowhere? The diseased corpses cargo bay story is absolute crp and that is all there is to it. I am actually angry with Rense for spinning that kind of bunk out of nowhere and or allowing Yoshi to peddle that crp on such a large venue, as angry as I am for having an Australian newspaper make the the same type of lie up about 108 dead doctors when there is no way ANY doctor has a nose that would have permitted boarding that plane AT ALL.

For another example of blatant disinfo, one only needs to look at the report about the 108 dead aids researchers on the plane, which was also totally fabricated news from a mainstream Australian newspaper. After this web site gutted that lie, the „official“ story was changed to the number SIX.

The fact that they used the number SIX is proof that story is also a lie.

Here is a good tip for finding lies or fabricated stories in the news. If the number SIX is used, that is Jewish code for the story highly probably being a fabrication. Six is the favorite Jewish number, it is what they always use, and since a lower number of dead aids doctors was necessary to come up with, (a MUCH LOWER NUMBER,) the next lie was spun with the number SIX.

If you ever see the number six used to count victims or witnesses or anything else, count on an approximately 90 percent probability that the story is FALSE, especially when obviously the number of doctors on that plane was ZERO. Since there is no air separation between the cargo hold and the main cabin, ONLY CORPSES WERE ON THAT PLANE, NOT ONE LIVE BODY WAS BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE RUN OFF THAT PLANE IN DISGUST.

HERE IS WHY: In the wreckage the rotten corpses were not bagged or shielded from their environment in ANY WAY. This makes the entire notion of having live people, ESPECIALLY DOCTORS WHO MIGHT KNOW THAT SMELL, on that plane at all.

Bottom line? The shared airspace in the cargo hold and cabin once again supports the entire notion that the shoot down plane really was flight 370, and it was either autopiloted or remote controlled to the shoot down location. No live passenger would have boarded and no pilot would have either with no separation between them and rotting corpses in a sealed environment, the shared airspace leaves only ONE ANSWER, which is:

Someone with billion dollar funding bought all seats on the flight to suit the records, fake identities and accompanying passports were provided, the plane was swapped, the flight was listed as canceled, and flight 370 took off and was used for the shoot down. It was flown 200 KM off course to get to the correct region for shoot down.

Afterward route MH17 continued perfectly on schedule as if no crash happened at all. That is because route MH17 lost no planes and could just resume as normal. Flight 370 was canceled for weeks because it genuinely vanished, yet again confirming MH17 lost no aircraft at all. And all people on flight 370 were killed well in advance of this false flag shoot down to make good and sure NO ONE would survive the crash to talk about what happened at Diego Garcia.

And the pristine passports also tell the story, there was not one recovered that looked the least bit used. Obviously they were made days before this false flag, and whoever fronted it did not expect any intact bodies to make it through the crash. Usually with high speed crashes bodies are erased. In this case, that assumption was a huge mistake.

And what about Gaza? That is even more motiviation for ditching flight 370 at this time, to draw the public eye away from an even bigger crime to a lesser one to be milked as many ways as possible, including an attempt to frame Russia for a plane shoot down. That is so Jewish, turn two events that should be a death sentence for the tribe into an opportunity to wage yet another war, no doubt one which will only shed goy blood.

108 aids conference delegates suddenly dropped to six proves entire „missing and dead“ script from MH17 a fabrication.

Many news sites picked this 108 number up, and this ONE THING, which was a HUGE LIE, proves that there were NO REGULARLY SCHEDULED PASSENGERS ON FLIGHT MH17. The redactions of the 108 aids conference delegates proves the entire list false, if you drop the number 108 down to six, who were the other 102? The mainstream media is hiccuping and backtracking and tripping all over itself trying to plug holes in their story and praying for short memories and impressionable attention deficit minds, please watch the puppet on the left while the „magic“ is done elsewhere and OH GOD may they forget all the lies we spun and just hop right back into tomorrows script without thought or memory AT ALL.

July 19 2014

It is said dead men tell no tales, but in this case, when they are rotten three hours after takeoff that statement is a blunder.

Alin wrote:

I read your articles, but you never said what happened to the people on the real MH 17? Wouldn’t it just make another load of bodies to get rid of?
Thank you,

My response:

That is a big mystery we do not have the answer to. However, we do have ONE ANSWER: The bodies on the shot down plane were rotten and obviously dead for days. That is what we have to go with for the initial clue, lack of answers elsewhere does not change that.

July 19 coverage starts here

Do not forget Gaza, which this shoot down was in part used for to occupy the news with something else

AIDS Microbiologists on MH17 story a HOAX!

As I suspected, when a major Australian paper reported that 100 top aids researchers were on MH17, the story was a hoax. As it turns out, the official airline serving the conference is Emirates Airlines, which is offering steep discounts on air travel to the conference, and is listed as the official airline serving the conference. This puts the 100 dead microbiologists on A SINGLE MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT that in reality left too early anyway into the HOAX category, FIGURE THE ODDS.

John wrote: Predictive programming for MH17 on „The Strain“

Hollywood famous Guillermo del Toro directed & wrote the season premiere of „The Strain“ which aired on July 13th on FX (Fox owned network) just 4 days before MH-17. In the episode a BOEING jetliner arrives @ JFK from Europe with everyone dead on board, drained of blood & already decomposing.

My comment: Just like the bodies on crashed „mh17“. Also see this: The exact true scenario for 911 was released by FOX six months before 911, predictive programming has also occurred on other occasions so this does not surprise me at all

Alin wrote:

I read your articles, but you never said what happened to the people on the real MH 17? Wouldn’t it just make another load of bodies to get rid of?

Thank you,


My response:

That is a big mystery we do not have the answer to. However, we do have ONE ANSWER: The bodies were rotten and obviously dead for days. That is what we can go with, lack of answers elsewhere does not change that.

MH17 Keeps flying on schedule despite „shoot down“

Something new came in today, which makes me want to once again pop a HUGE question: Why is MH17 flying as if nothing happened after this shoot down, when after flight 370 vanished, flight 370 did not resume for WEEKS? The answer is obvious, and that is that the shot down plane was in fact flight 370. The rotted bodies prove it, and A HUGE piece of additional information came in today which is another SMOKING GUN – Tobia wrote:

„Wondering what the deal is with the picture that the Dutch man supposedly took at Schipholi before departure, mentioning „This is how the plane looks like in case it disappears“ (or something like that)? You can clearly see part of the serial number on the front landing gear hatch: it says RC, which should be part of the nr 9MMRC, a MH17 clone plane that according to flightradar24 departed for Kuala Lumpur on the 11th, and since then no flight at all.“

My response:

Answer: The plane used for the shoot down was NOT MH17, and this is all a setup. Errors like this are made by psyop teams who forget to factor in every possible variable.

I have a woman writing me saying a friend of a friend was on that plane, and is now missing. And I do not believe it. If Military commanders said the bodies were rotten at the moment of crash, this means dead for days before this shoot down, and no friend of hers was on that plane. It is said dead men tell no tales, but in this case, when they are rotten three hours after takeoff that statement is a blunder. I hate to sound harsh, but as Glenn Beck, who trashed the Philip Wood report would have it, Philip Wood is now dead. The enemy of all of us resides within the mainstream media.

It has been anounced that because rebels got to the crash first, NO ANALYSIS OF THE CRASH CAN BE DONE.

How convenient. Let me tell you why no analysis can be done. Because Ukraine is totally zionist controlled, and they do not want answers getting out. These answers will be provided by serial numbers on all the parts. Flight 370 was a brand spankin new aircraft, at a little under two years old. And it would be impossible to dispose of. You might be able to go through it and rob the aluminum and get that recycled without anyone pegging you, but what about the landing gear, hydraulic pumps, fuel pumps, engines or anything else? Those parts would have been impossible to dispose of because they are all tracked via serial number and the serial numbers are all tracked to the plane they came from. The only way to ditch flight 370 would be to do so in a war zone in a totally controlled puppet state where you could blame circumstances for the inability to conduct a proper investigation. I guess you could also ditch it at sea, but there are satellites, RUSSIAN SATELLITES that could nail you doing it.

July 18 2014

Military Commander: Passengers dead long before plane took off

MH17 all but completely proven to be flight 370

July 18 2014

The bodies were dead for days before the flight and smelling of rot according to top military commander at the scene, which would be expected if they were actually from flight 370. They would have been loaded on the plane dead to make sure no one could speak about what went on.

From the Washington Times:

„MOSCOW — A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash — suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off. The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.“

My comment: This strongly supports MH370 as being the real shoot down plane, with all passengers dead long before and probably being taken off of ice and loaded into the plane for final disposal. If a body is already dead before a crash, crash damage will not show up the same way it will with live bodies. This is probably why so many of the bodies in the wreckage do not show serious burns or blood. A good example of this effect is to take a piece of chicken and throw it in a hot pan for a few seconds. If you remove it from the hot pan within a short time, it will look totally uncooked. Yet if you put your hand on that hot pan for even half a second, it will be badly burned, and show it. Live flesh shows injury easily because of the way living cells respond to injury. If the bodies were dead for days and possibly loaded onto the plane well chilled it would explain a lot about their relatively undamaged appearance in the wreckage.

Additionally, MH17 returned immediately to normal flight schedules after this shoot down, and I beg to question HOW if a real MH17 plane was lost. The only incomplete flight is the shoot down flight. Flight 370 was canceled for weeks after the jet supporting it disappeared, why not the same scenario for MH17 if it really did get shot down? Answer: The shot down plane was the disposal of flight 370, being reported as MH17 to cover it up thus leaving MH17 in a position to return to normal immediately. Dead men tell no tales? Perhaps if they are NOT LOADED ONTO A PLANE ROTTEN.

As I suspected, MH17 is NOT supposed to over fly Eastern Ukraine

MH17 flies over Western Ukraine because the curvature of the earth makes flying over a small portion of Western Ukraine the shortest route. And I calculated that, only to be put off by a piece of disinfo which showed the flight path accomodating this „shoot down“. MH17 indeed does not fly a straight line by appearances on a map, but it also does not curve extremely far east as now shown on disinfo sites to accomodate the „official“ story. And someone else nailed this, and it ended up in my mail box.

Yonatan said…

If it was MH17 that was shot down over Torez, it was 200 km north of its published route. It doesn’t fly over the eastern land border between Ukraine and Russia. It crosses the Ukrainian coast at Berdyansk to fly over the Sea of Azov towards Primorsko-Akhtarsk.

What time was it allegedly shot down? How come it disappeared from trackers in west Ukraine and and appears to have traveled about 1000 km into eastern Ukraine some 200 km off route without being challenged by Ukrainian authorities?

Hmmm very odd, in the time taken to send my earlier message and to compose this update, FlightAware’s data has been updated to show the aircraft in East Ukraine. Fortunately I have earlier screenshots of both before and after FlightAware data.

A new data entry for 2:19 puts it at 48.1N 38.5E roughly around Donestk / Torez. There is no data for the intervening hour. Why was it so far off route? What was the reason for the lack of tracking data? All the earlier MH17 flights I have checked route even further south.

Something’s fishier than a barrel full of rotting fish.

MY COMMENT: YEP. AS FISHY AS MISSING FLIGHT 370. I knew it! Eastern Ukraine is NOT the correct flight path for the real MH17, which is why MH17 is now flying perfectly on schedule again! a different 777 was used for this. UPDATE: This got expunged and no longer exists. I suggest people verify for themselves, flight MH17 DOES NOT GO TO WHERE THIS SHOOT DOWN HAPPENED, NOT EVEN WITHIN 175 KILOMETERS OF WHERE IT HAPPENED. I called this on day one, only to be railroaded by B.S. put up ahead of time to no doubt stifle any search for the flight path for MH17. That alone is a smoking gun, this was set up well in advance.

My estimation of earth curvature had MH17 passing over a very small portion of Western Ukraine, never getting within 250 KM of Russia. I sure would like to see the published route, but the page it was on has BEEN REMOVED. Censorship is ruling the day, more so with this than any other event so far.

Selective censorship of MH17 coverage speaks volumes

Whoever controls the internet is swapping out screen captures I have posted with alternative images that have completely different file names and are not even on my server. I cannot stop this from happening, if anything conflicts the text will have to do. This is HUGE, and the swap outs have been done to linked tweets, linked testimony of witnesses, and screen captures which strongly indicate that MH17 never took off on July 17, and therefore a different plane had to have been used. This would slam dunk the 100 dead aids doctors story, which I think is BOGUS.

I seriously think the 100 dead doctors story is disinfo, in fact I am going to CALL IT. However, it is going to be huge so I have to at least mention it: 100 top aids researchers were on flight MH17 but keep in mind that counter stories that are really likely to go viral will be launched to muddy the waters with anything such as the downing of flight 370. I would be aware of this but skeptical. 100 doctors? HOW BIG IS THAT CONFERENCE, IF IT STUFFED 100 DOCTORS FROM A SMALL COUNTRY ONTO A SINGLE PLANE DAYS BEFORE THE CONFERENCE? I CALL B.S. from that alone!

Pa Namby wrote:

„.. of air crashes. No images of people asking for fate, complaining, crying, etc. Usually the first air disasters coverage is reporting on familiar’s reactions. I have seen nothing…have you?“

My response: Good point. The families of flight 370 already did that!

One huge problem is that flight MH17 resumed as usual with the only missing flight being the shoot down, which by itself is very strange considering the nature of the shoot down. Flight 370 was canceled for weeks so I beg to question why MH17 continued without a hiccup if it really had been shot down. But since the report about the doctors and the aids conference is in the rounds, I at least have to mention it, though I doubt it. There is too much other evidence to the contrary, such as MH17 IS ALREADY ON SCHEDULE AGAIN.

Here is the most heavily censored event, and the background on it

Fighter jet escorts reveal the real story: FINAL – Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing #MH17

Immediately after the shoot down, foreign people entered the control tower at Kiev Borispol Airport which was monitoring flight MH17 and removed the normal workers and started doing their jobs. These „replacements by force“ were obviously put there to front the official story. The normal control tower staff then reported the presense of two fighter jet escorts via Twitter. These tweets were subsequently removed by Twitter. However, the normal tower staff has successfully gotten through to various honest news outlets such as THIS ONE, which has had this link vanish from this site for some readers. If the link is not visible check back later and I will have a capture here. If these people succesfully speak, the fact that „MH17“ was under fighter jet escort will not be buried by Twitter or any replacement staff.

Flight departure times are inconsistent, and one major web site showed MH17 as canceled on the 17th.

If flight MH17 really took off, it would have had an agreed upon departure time. But three news outlets released 3 different departure times, which strongly indicates the flight never happened and a different 777 was shot down. And anyone could safely bet the now zio zombie Ukraine would dispose of flight 370 for a military perk from the U.S.

It is highly probable that flight 370 was substituted out, zombie flown either via remote by both fighter jets or by pre programmed autopilot with the transponder programmed to identify it as MH17, with all original passengers aboard and possibly other undesirables, and then shot down by the fighter jet escorts. Buk missiles produce a very noticeable plume, and no one documented any. In the day of cell phone cams, I would say zero documentation of something so noticeable means no missile launch. This points the finger at the fighter jet escorts which have always been completely scrubbed from the mainstream media and would do the dirty work at an altitude too high for any witnesses. And with Ukraine now operating as a zio proxy state, any investigation of the debris will be carried out „appropriately“.

Obviously this is all guessing, but when we have an established media that is well proven to do nothing but lie with events such as this, a guess is better than practically anything the media would spew. One unanswered question is how the originating airport could be kept quiet about this, BUT if an intermediate tower not associated with the initial takeoff could be silenced about what they saw, and this was a very important psy op, I am certain the correct arrangements would be made at the originating location to keep a lid on this, which leaves the only other venue of proof being one documented cancellation on a flight tracker site, and numerous media errors regarding departure time.

If a departure for MH17 happened, only ONE time would be logged, yet within a short time I found 3, at 14 minutes, 15 minutes and 31 minutes past the hour (compensate yourself for time zone.) This inconsistency is practically bullet proof evidence no flight departure time was ever actually recorded, if a real departure happened all news sources would have the same departure time. This has all been preserved on this site in other posts farther down the page, they cannot go back and change them and get away with it.

So what actually happened as far as I see it?

The originating tower was re-staffed at least temporarily with people who would keep a secret about what really went on at the airport. Flight370 was remote flown or flown out via pre programmed autopilot with a transponder identifying it as MH17. It then received two fighter jet escorts when far enough away from the originating airport to not arouse suspicion and these fighter escorts for the most part stayed close enough to conceal their radar signature and provide „pilot feedback“ from pilot absent zombie flown flight 370. At the appropriate time it was shot down.

HOW APPROPRIATE WAS THE TIMING OF THIS SHOOT DOWN? So appropriate it perfectly corresponded with the start of a massive Israeli ground assault on Gaza to divert public attention to something else. That is the FINAL red flag here, it is such a huge red flag it blocks out the sky above all other reason.

So, in short: MH370 was disposed of because it had to be gotten rid of, and it was done in a way that diverted news away from a huge assault on Gaza and as a bonus gave Russia a black eye. Milk it every way they can, by way of deception thou shalt do war, and though obviously none of this will ever be „officially“ documented, the logic certainly fits.

And a final nail – MH17 is proceeding as normal, with normal flights THE DAY AFTER. When MH370 vanished, that route was cancelled FOR WEEKS. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Is anyone out there really stupid enough to believe business as usual would resume the the next scheduled flight after a genuine loss of an aircraft that flies anywhere near a war zone? That next scheduled flight is LANDING IN MALAYSIA THE DAY AFTER ON SCHEDULE AS I WRITE THIS, and I beg to question WHY. Is anyone out there gullible enough to buy the notion of business as usual after a genuine unexpected shoot down, or perhaps more importantly, the loss of two IDENTICAL 777 aircraft from the SAME AIRLINE within 4 months? FIGURE THE ODDS.

For the information hounds out there, Nodisinfo retracted their hoax report most likely on word that the bodies were dead long before the flight took off, which explained too many of the anomalies they noted.

July 17 2014

Strong emperical evidence Israel shot down plane

Plane shoot down: approximately 14:15 UTC. Israeli assault on Gaza: 14:00 UTC. See a connection there? And when you consider the fact that it took time to confirm the downing, the two times actually match even more closely. Israel’s assault on Gaza is viewed badly by the world community, what better way to bury it in the news than a plane shoot down, complete with the threat of a war with Russia?

And even if Russian forces did do this, it only takes a couple Jews among them to cause something like this. In my opinion it is case closed regarding this, with the only question being: was this used as cover for disposal of flight 370? Come on now, TWO MALAYSIA 777 AIRCRAFT IN 4 MONTHS? YEAH RIGHT. Any three year old would catch that B.S. if it involved airplane cookies instead.

UPDATE: Flightradar24.com now shows flight MH17 taking off ON TIME (July 18.) Yet when flight 370 vanished, it took weeks to resume. So either Malaysia airlines has multiple planes on this route, or they did not lose one. AND EVEN WITH THE NEW DEPARTURE TIME ESTIMATED, THE OLD DEPARTURE TIME FOR JULY 17 IS NOT LISTED AND THE FLIGHT STILL SHOWS AS CANCELED.

UPDATE: BUSTED: High level tampering with this web site over MH17 DOCUMENTED. If I log in to administer this web site, and I click the front page link to Flightradar24, I get This version of events, yet if I am not logged in to administer this site and hit the page like a random user, Flightradar switches the page served to THIS PAGE And they show a departure time of 10:31. Why then does this WIKIPEDIA report show the departure time as 10:14? THEY HAVE SCREWED UP AND DID NOT GET THE TIMES STRAIGHT IN THIS FALSE FLAG. PEOPLE HOP ON THIS AND GET AS MANY CONFLICTING TIMES AS POSSIBLE DOCUMENTED.

CONFIRMED:Flightradar24.com is messing with results and screwed up a non existent departure time as proven by THE MSM. This inconsistency first noticed in a Wikipedia post is not a false edit or mistake

Keep in mind it is the minutes that matter here because time zones vary. 10:31 does not equal 6:15 no matter where you are on the globe, and for the record, this now confirms 3 different departure times, proof of a B.S. departure and re-enforcement of the possibility this really was the disposal of flight 370.

Shoot down now confirmed and therefore top posted

Gaza carnage has disappeared from the news over this shoot down, is this a secondary motive?

Judging from what is happening now, I am going to un officially call it – Flight 370 has been disposed of, Russia will be blackballed, and ISRAEL DID IT ALL, because under the waves generated by this shoot down story The ground invasion of Gaza has started and there is not a PEEP in the MSM about it. how convenient!

Heads up: Flightradar24.com which is the defining site for flight history says MH17 was canceled and never departed, with no departure time listed. Hmmm . . . . . Good cover for flight 370? Not enough substance to make a call on that one, but this is something to make note of at least. The site is down now, possibly overwhelmed? That is OK, I got a photograph of this.

And keep in mind that it is all in a blender now, with the necessary lies being told to bury this connection. Someone already has a Wiki up with the entire story including departure time, but no legitimate travel site site I came across in two hours searching actually listed it.

UPDATE: Flight „MH17“ was being escorted by two fighter jets up until shoot down, which would be PERFECT if it was in fact a zombie flight 370 under remote control to its final death. This is covered more farther down the page.

Malaysia airlines MH17 777 flight 370 clone from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpoor shot down at border between Ukraine and Russia

A malaysian jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by either Russia or Ukraine. The plane has now been declared shot down, and the media is doing its best to blame Russia. What a GREAT WAY to dispose of flight 370 if Flightradar24.com is actually right about this!

And speaking about false flags, remember that Flight 370 clone in Tel Aviv? and do not forget about the 777 that was stopped by the Dutch from crashing the nuclear summit right after flight 370 vanished, as this web site predicted was likely to happen.

Missile system identified

The jet was shot down by a BUK missile. The American press is being quick to blame Russia, but is failing to mention that Ukraine had a large supply of these. And that says a lot – it pretty much proves that 1. The Ukraine uprising had American/Israeli roots and that 2. the real goal is war with Russia, after all if it was not, why struggle to blame them?

Video of smoke from crash

Interesting tidbit – Planes first flight was on July 17 1997 and was shot down on the anniversary of TWA flight 800 . . .

McCain: „HELL TO PAY“ if plane shot down

Sure a lot of debris from this Malaysian airlines flight. Why so little for flight 93 in Pennsylvania?

Usually the media will scrub body pics from crash photos, not true with this photo and I beg to question why? These types of photos in crashes never make it out, and I have now confirmed multiple news sources are posting these. WHY NOW? The media is quick to blame Russia for this, but I doubt it was Russia when this plane was shot 50 miles inside of Ukraine. But then again what about those three Israeli teens? This could be „useful“ . . . . .

CONFIRMED BY MULTIPLE SUPPORTING TWEETS: Air traffic controller claims plane was being escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets right before shoot down. That is worth adding to the mix.

When so much is „known“ about what went on so soon after any event, a false flag is virtually guranteed. With Russia already being blamed in the MSM, I suggest people consider a different culprit. And what about that fighter jet escort? Identities can be spoofed, and two jets would be perfect for remote controlling flight 370 to its death – they have to get rid of it anyway, why not like this?

Here is a quote from a forum that says it all:

„The debris is still smoking, and the liar MSM has ALL the answers already? (including the type missile „used“?). How? Again: HOW? Fox News was there??

The truly stupid dupe here is YOU swallowing the MSM bullshit hook, line and sinker. Obviously, you are utterly unable to THINK; you stick your stupid face on the TV screen and swallow all the garbage coming through, without an ounce of critical thinking.“

I agree exactly. The reporting has all the hallmarks of 911 reporting, where the „target“ was named and convicted on DAY ONE. THAT is the biggest indicator that this was indeed a false flag.

Additional info as it comes in (copy paste links)

Jordan sent:

I found something else interesting about this. Flight 777 was being escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets until just before the „disappearance.“ The air traffic control tower was then taken over by foreign personnel.





I watched CNN this morning and saw the story about the shoot down. They are already saying it was Russia who did it without providing a single piece of proof, NOT EVEN A MOTIVATION or reason for them to shoot it down, and claiming they know it was Russia, long before they even knew where the damned plane wreckage was! They were also claiming they lost contact with it at the Eastern border of Ukraine, yet somehow knew it went down in the Eastern areas, yet somehow did not know where the plane was?

You want to know why the plane „lost contact?“ Because an American AWACS system jammed its communications so there was no evidence when it was shot down by Ukraine to provide a pretext to go to war with Russia. This is exactly what happened, anything else is a lie!

My comment: Good info there. One question about those „Ukraine jets“ which could have been spoofed in as cover for American jets? What about them as an escort for flight 370? Would that not be ideal for remote control to its death?

Source: http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/


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